Kjetil Grande won a Spellemann Award, the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy, for his debut album «Uppers, Downers, Screamers and Howlers» in 2008, and was nominated for another one with his follow up album «Black midnight , stars and streetlights» with his side project The Crank. Bros. An active live artist, Grande played three shows with his band at the SXSW festival in Texas, and recived great reviews for his explosive and soulful live performance playing his mixture of blues, film-noir, rock, old hiphop, and soul. His guitar playing also caught the attention of Eric Clapton, who invited Grande as a support artist.
His blend of different musical styles was captured on his next album «You are the night» 2010. The dark sounding symfonic album became one of the years norwegian critic favourites. Grande went on to work with a long list of norways top artist, as a guitarist, songwriter, arranger, vocalist, co-producer, also forming the rock-duo «Duo Collective».
In the spring of 2015 Grande and his band releases a new album, Autostrada.

You are the night

Kjetil Grande, Norway, is making a name for himself after releasing his second solo album “You Are The Night”. Norwegian critics are overwhelmed.

Not bad for an artist who experienced the pressure of following up his ”Norwegian Grammy” award winning debut album “Uppers, Downers, Screamers & Howlers”.
His debut album was influenced by the black American music of the first half of the 20th century. Blues, Soul, R&B, Black Garage rock, made up the backbone in Grande´s compositions, with Grande´s guitar in the middle.

On ”You Are The Night” Grande dives into a musical universe of ballrooms, big bands, noir films, romantic soundtracks, light & shades, gloom & drama: The majestic and dangerous sound of the white American music of the same period.

Grande says: “You Are The Night” is the soundtrack to a year I devoted to capture the essence of the night, whether it is a gloomy & dark night, or an all night wild party. For me no music is more dramatic – and if you will schizophrenic – when it comes to light and shade, than white American music from the period 1930-1960.
”The Great American Songbook” is not all about the “happy go lucky life in the fast lane”, as it has been presented the last years… This album is a tribute to the dramatic and heavy side of The Great American Songbook.

In “You Are The Night” you will find a little bit of the 1930s crazyness, the romantic but gloomy 40s, the exploring 50s and the sexy and daring 60s. But Grande maintains that he is NO retro artist. He is a young man living in the year of 2012, absorbing the music of the day, even though the music of yesterdays America has been his true love since his teenage days. After years of backing some of the biggest pop-rock artists of Norway, even backing American blues legends, since he was 18, Grande will be touring with his own band both nationally and internationally

Uppers, downers, screamers & howlers

Kjetil Grande & The Crank Bros




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